TECHNOLOGYTo work with first quality technical materials



We work with a wide range of thermoplastic materials. We choose the most suitable material in each application and depending on the needs of the project.



Our fleet of machinery includes injectors covering the tonnage from 35 to 160 Tn. All of them are first level machines of the brands Arburg, Engel, Negri Bossi and Battenfeld.



We have a central equipment for dehumidifying, with independent vessels and individual temperature control, with an automated vacuum system for each machine, to work with the most technical materials in the market, and with a high degree of process stability.



The automation of machinery with robots allows us to meet the reliability requirements of the most demanding industries. We also work with attemperators and regulators of temperature and we have stabilising ovens and humidifying chambers for stabilising treatments for the pieces. For references allowing the reuse of castings, we use grinding mills in front of the machine, which avoid the risk of contamination of the materials.

Equipos de control

Control equipment

We work following the organisational procedures implemented through the specialised software RPS. We use methods for the process control to guarantee the quality of our products.